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Racetronix fuel system boosts Z28 horsepower


Racetronix was called upon to supply a high-performance fuel system and a fresh set of injectors as part of the upgrade to an Old-School Z28:

Racetronix has put considerable thought into assembling a complete and high-quality kit. The factory in-tank wiring, for example, often contains burnt or corroded connectors, so thicker mil-spec Teflon/silver replacements are included in the kit and are used throughout.


Read more about the project in the PDF here.

Crossfire Z gets Racetronix fuel system upgrade


For a complete fuel system replacement solution, the experienced and knowledgeable team at Camaro Performers magazine turned to Racetronix:

"The Racetronix LU305 kit comes with a high-performance Walbro fuel pump and everything you need for the installation. Racetronix also includes a plug-and-play auxiliary relay and harness assembly complete with Delphi Weatherpack connectors. This assembly ensures that the pump has a constant 13.5 volts supplied to pump at all times for maximum fuel output."

View the PDF version here.

GM High-Tech calls on Racetronix for custom work


When GM High-Tech Performance magazine needed a custom double-pumper they called on the best - Racetronix:

"GMHTP has used Racetronix fuel systems in several projects recently, with outstanding results. So when it came time to give the Buick more fuel, I contacted Jack. Although he didn't stock a double-pumper setup, he was willing to create one for this project using a stock sending unit, that would run one fuel pump under normal conditions, and kick in both pumps when the boost comes up."


See the PDF version of the story here.

Racetronix makes Camaro “Project Fast”


When you need high-performance, you chose Racetronix. That was the conclusion of the folks at Camaro Performers magazine in their January 2007 story "Project Fast Victor Six":

"We installed a Racetronix High-Performance Fuel System (PN W1-FPK-2) for '99-up V-6 Camaros consisting of a high-volume pump assembly, the core of which is a Walbro 255 gerotor pump, and an auxiliary wiring harness. The Racetronix's up-to67 gal/hr. flow meets a nitrous-injected engine's greater fuel requirement.

The Racetronix supports GM's "venturi feed" (prevents starvation at low fuel levels), uses the production, plastic fuel feed tube rather than a less-durable rubber replacement and stock electrical connectors.

The pumps cause voltage drop and increased heat in stock wiring due to higher current draw. The solution is Racetronix's wiring harness which includes 10-ga. wire, a relay and stock-type connectors, is inside O.E. slit-loom and is accompanied by excellent instructions. We wish all products like this were as well-executed as the Racetronix Fuel System."


See the PDF version of the story here.

GM High-Tech says Racetronix a “No-brainer”


The September 2009 issue of GM High-Tech features Racetronix in it's "fresh Start" story about restoring a 1994 LT1 Formula:

"Though the Formula's N/A LT1 didn't currently need more volume or pressure, despite adding over 150 hp with the RaceKrafter's rebuild, Dart heads, and Comp Cams valve train, it was only a matter of time before the high-mile, 15-year-old pump and electronics gave out. The Racetronix LT1 Fuel Pump Kit (PN FLT1-FPA), as well as the Plug & Play Wiring Harness (PN FLT1-FPWH), was a no-brainer for its quality, completeness, and ease of install. This setup has served us well in the past, and utilizes a 255-kph Walbro pump, high-pressure flex fuel tube, 30-micron fuel sock, and alternator-direct power source."


See the PDF version of the story here.