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Racetronix was called upon to supply a high-performance fuel system and a fresh set of injectors as part of the upgrade to an Old-School Z28:

Racetronix has put considerable thought into assembling a complete and high-quality kit. The factory in-tank wiring, for example, often contains burnt or corroded connectors, so thicker mil-spec Teflon/silver replacements are included in the kit and are used throughout.


Read more about the project in the PDF here.


The September 2009 issue of GM High-Tech features Racetronix in it’s “fresh Start” story about restoring a 1994 LT1 Formula:

“Though the Formula’s N/A LT1 didn’t currently need more volume or pressure, despite adding over 150 hp with the RaceKrafter’s rebuild, Dart heads, and Comp Cams valve train, it was only a matter of time before the high-mile, 15-year-old pump and electronics gave out. The Racetronix LT1 Fuel Pump Kit (PN FLT1-FPA), as well as the Plug & Play Wiring Harness (PN FLT1-FPWH), was a no-brainer for its quality, completeness, and ease of install. This setup has served us well in the past, and utilizes a 255-kph Walbro pump, high-pressure flex fuel tube, 30-micron fuel sock, and alternator-direct power source.”


See the PDF version of the story here.