Racetronix Turbine-Tech Fuel Pumps

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Racetronix Turbine-Tech high-performance fuel pumps incorporate the latest technology to provide the best performing and most reliable fuel pumps on the market. Each Racetronix Turbine-Tech fuel pump is factory tested, sealed and boxed for improved quality control. Racetronix Turbine-Tech fuel pumps are very quiet and provide excellent service life when compared to popular gear-rotor fuel pumps. Racetronix Turbine-Tech fuel pumps are available in 255LPH and 340LPH versions with a complete range of inlet configurations to suit most applications.PUMP FEATURES:

  • In-tank use only / submersible design
  • Reliable and quiet turbine impeller
  • Can be used with EFI or carbureted applications
  • May be used in pulse modulated systems (PWM)
  • Each pump individually tested
  • E85 compatibility (slightly reduced life expectancy)
  • Integral check-valve
  • Over-pressure safety bypass valve
  • One-Year limited warranty*
Racetronix offers a wide range of installation hardware to simplify your custom installation and to maintain top performance and reliability:


Walbro Racetronix 255LPH Racetronix 340LPH
F20000169 RXP269 RXP369
GSS294M RXP255 RXP340M
GSS340(M) RXP255 RXP340M
GSS341 RXP251 RXP341
GSS342 RXP252 RXP342
GSS307(M) RXP255 RXP340M
GSS315 RXP251 RXP341
GSS317 RXP252 RXP342
11140 RXP340M
11142 RXP342
11141 RXP341
50-1000 RXP342
DW200 RXP252
DW300 RXP342