Racetronix Wastegates, Parts & Accessories​



Racetronix wastegates are perfect for helping you regulate your boost levels more precisely in high power applications thereby reducing the chance of over-boosting.

Racetronix wastegates have integrated M8x1.0 water cooling ports that cycle a small amount of coolant through the actuator top via restricted openings to keep the temperatures down in extreme conditions. This feature is not required for typical street car applications but is a great addition for several scenarios, such as: road racing, low air flow in engine bay, actuator too close to exhaust components, rotary applications, etc. This feature uses little coolant so there is virtually no effect on the rest of the cooling system. Titanium M8x1.0 to -4AN JIC Male adapters are included to plumb these ports if required.

Racetronix utilizes 304 stainless steel v-band connections and includes both inlet and outlet mating flanges and clamps. The 304 stainless steel flanges feature chamfered edges and are counter-bored to make welding simpler. Each wastegate also includes two pre-installed actuator springs. Please see the spring/pressure chart below and optional springs listed under add-ons. All Racetronix springs are manufactured from 17-7 PH stainless steel for consistent pressure delivery, even at high temperatures.

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