Racetronix Regulators

The Racetronix Regulator’s high flow design is recommended for fuel systems which flow upwards of 680LPH. The revised ball-seat valve design is resistant to clogging and offers responsive flow control for stable pressure regulation. Recommended base pressure range is 35-78PSI. This gen III regulator has a common 1/8″ NPT boost / vacuum port (vs. 1/16″) which more easily connects to a wide range of common fittings. An O-ring seal has been added under the adjustment screw / washer to reduce vacuum / boost bleed which improves regulator response and tracking error when using small signal hoses. Available in multiple color options.

The New Racetronix REG-G7B1 regulator for Buick G7 is made from CNC machined billet T6 6061 anodized aluminum for maximum reliability and corrosion resistance. The dual-layer fiber-reinforced diaphragm is compatible with gasoline and E85 fuels. To reduce boost/vacuum leaks we have incorporated an O-ring seal under the pressure adjustment screw. There are three boost/vacuum ports on this regulator, one on the top in the factory location and two on the sides. 

This allows the regulator to be configured in the factory fashion using the top vacuum/boost port or using the 1/8″ NPT side ports for alternate boost line configurations or sensors. Plugs are included to block off all unused vacuum/boost ports both top and sides. A 5/32″ hose barb is included if one wishes to use one of the side ports. The front 1/8″ NPT fuel pressure port can be used to mount a fuel pressure gauge or sensor. Two sets of screws and standoffs are included for mounting the regulator on factory or common aftermarket fuel rails (i.e. Champion).

You can find more information and order online at: Racetronix Fuel Regulators