New Racetronix C5 Fuel Pump Kits​



If you are looking for a high-performance fuel pump system for your 1997-2003 C5 Corvette, you might want to check out the new Racetronix 1997-2003 C5 Corvette High Performance Fuel Pump System. This system features a new aluminum bucket, a longer bucket for more fuel capacity, and a high-performance jet pump that keeps the fuel pump submerged under low tank conditions.

The Racetronix fuel pump system is designed to replace the factory fuel pump module with minimal modifications. It is available with a Racetronix 255 or 340 fuel pump that delivers up to 255 or 340 liters per hour of fuel flow and the 255 is compatible with E85 and other ethanol blends. The 255 jet pump fills the aluminum bucket to provide reserve fuel. This ensures the pump is always fully submerged in fuel which prevents fuel starvation during hard cornering and acceleration. The 340 is not available in E85 or has a jet pump.

The Racetronix system also includes a new level sensor and float arm, a filter sock, a tank gasket, and detailed instructions for installation. The system requires an upgraded wiring harness (sold separately) to maximize fuel flow and eliminate electrical issues. The wiring harness provides direct power from the alternator/battery to the rear of the vehicle using 10-gauge wire and weather-proof connectors. It also provides two independently fused circuits and two ground control connectors for user-selectable primary/secondary pump control.

The Racetronix 1997-2003 C5 Corvette High Performance Fuel Pump System is ideal for C5 owners who want to upgrade their fuel delivery system for higher horsepower applications or simply improve their reliability and performance. The system can support up to 800 flywheel horsepower using gas (depending on other factors such as fuel pressure, line size, etc.).